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Founded in 2006, with over 15 year's experience. Custom Structures is a leading African manufacturer, distributor, and supplier of modular permanent or semi-permanent steel and aluminium frame structures and ancillary equipment to the agriculture, aviation, hospitality, logistics, military, and mining business segments. We operate in over 24 African countries – our footprint expands yearly with new destinations and clientele added to our portfolio. Turnkey solutions are our focus, while customer satisfaction is paramount to everything that we do. With an extensive knowledge of the industry, coupled with years of experience and the right partners who are leaders in their respective fields worldwide, we differentiate ourselves in the market. We achieve complete customer satisfaction by committing to a formula that focuses on service, support, training, and a can-do attitude.

No matter the destination, no matter the challenge, we are here for you and you can rely on us!


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Experience Omugongo 2015

Experience Omugongo 2015

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An Industrial Hall

An Industrial Hall

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Sports Hall

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Brand Value

  • We offer the best solutions in space and time.

  • We have a vast portfolio of products and services that make even more applications possible for our clients.

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  • We work with genuine passion and involve ourselves to understand the real needs, challenges, and goals of our customers.

  • We offer rental and purchase solutions

  • We are here to meet your challenges.

  • Our main aim is to assist you in achieving your goals.

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  • We are creative in delivering unique and innovative solutions.

  • We strive to create the best modular space solutions coupled with an exceptional customer experience.

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  • We are professional in our top-quality philosophy and deliver as we promise – from specialised production and design advice to installation and turnkey delivery.

  • We react, deliver and build fast.

  • We are flexible because space-time is of great importance to everyone.

From commercial space, schools, hangars, storage halls to shops, event and conference locations, offices and airport terminals, Custom Structures has you covered.


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Rational benefits

  • Top Quality

  • Engineering excellence

  • Flexibility

  • Diversity

  • Planning Certainty

Emotional benefits

“The structures provide a perfect environment for business and personal use. I feel more at ease, knowing Custom structures provides a suitable environment based on my every need. Custom structures are not only friendly but willing to go over and beyond by reducing stress and providing success, from planning to execution.”



  • Event tents, industry halls and tents

  • Pavilions and modular units

  • Rapid Deployment Systems

  • System integrator

  • Turnkey solutions

  • Excellent Consulting and services

  • Personal

  • Flexible

  • Sustainable

  • Straightforward

  • Sincere

  • Reliable



Solution Oriented

Customer Value


Projects personal

Premium Quality



Why choose us

01. Close to customers

02. Premium quality

03. flexibility

04.Solution-Oriented Customer Value

To provide individual solutions, you have to understand your customers’ needs. Such understanding calls for being close to the customer. We listen. We identify our customers’ needs, and together, we develop the optimal solution as partners. When we talk about customer closeness, we also refer to our knowledge of the market and our customers’ needs. Every project we work on benefits from our many years of experience. That is why, as consultants, we strive to speak on a par with our customers.

We invest time in finding out precisely what our customer requires. Having a diverse product portfolio of world-leading products and solutions manufactured from the highest quality materials, we can satisfy our customer's requirements: The right product for the right price for the project at hand.