Heavy Duty Modular Flooring System

Manufactured from high-quality virgin HDPE, our heavy-duty modular flooring solution is ideal for large outdoor events, temporary warehouses, pre-fabricated structures, aircraft hangars, field workshops and other industrial applications. It provides a level and stable surface for your team, heavy equipment or vehicles and is installed at a fraction of the time and cost of traditional building systems.

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System Features

Product specifications

  • Vertical locking system with structural reinforcement.

  • Uniform lateral load transfer between the panels.

  • Suitable for pedestrian and vehicle traffic

  • Ease of installation, handling, and transport

  • 100% Recyclable

  • Working surface area - 1.25m

  • Weight per panel - 22.68kg

  • Compression strength - 3,100kps

  • Maximum allowable deflection - 7.62cm

  • Temperature range - -2°C to -45'C

  • Burn Rating - UL94 -HB

11-Matrax 4x4 LD Bottom.jpg
16-HD Panel.jpg
12-Matrax 4x4 HD Bottom.jpg
13-LD Panel.jpg