SKP PVC fabric Washing Machines

Exclusively represented in Africa by custom structures

With a passion for the temporary structure industry, SKP-GmbH Germany is the world leader in developing specialist machines for the cleaning and installation of modular structures.

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Based in Mülacker, Germany, SKP offers unique solutions for the following applications:

  • PVC Fabric cleaning machines for temporary structures, billboards, truck tarps, tautliner curtains etc

  • Temporary structure floor panel cleaning machines

  • Temporary structure solid wall cleaning machines, whether ABS plastic or glass

  • Carpet cleaning machines

  • Tumble washers for push pole tents and stretch tent systems

  • Chair cleaning machines

  • Aluminium profile cleaning machines

With a commitment to caring for the environment, SKP has developed a comprehensive water recycling system that can be integrated into their machinery, reducing the amount of freshwater required to achieve an outstanding clean!

Another unique offering from SKP-GmbH is the SKPident system. By integrating RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) tags into the PVC fabric, the system can track your inventory and provide you with valuable information such as:

  • The age of the PVC membrane

  • Manufacturer of the PVC membrane

  • Grade of the PVC membrane

  • How many times the PVC membrane has been used on a job site

  • The size of the PVC membrane

All of the above information allows for the correct placement of fabrics for the project at hand, ensuring that your newest and whitest PVC membranes are used for top class events and well-used covers that are still water and weather-resistant are used for industrial rental applications.